Hængekøje X-large nr. N 5 i 100% nylon

Hammock X-large NO. n 5 in 100 nylon

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The popular Mexican hammock in XL with a nice width and length. Suitable for 1 - 4 persons.


The best known of the Mexican hammocks - the family hammock. This one is in 100% nylon for outdoor living. A great hammock for outdoor hanging all year round. It is fun for children to play in, and it is a great place to take a siesta (afternoon nap).

Use nylon hammocks in places where it may become wet, such as at a swimming pool area. It can also be used on recreational boats. If you plan to hang the hammock up in water eg. poles placed at the seashore, this is the right choice. This allows you to lie in the hammock, both above and below water level.

It is also a great and unique gift idea. Give it as a gift or wish for it yourself. This hammock is one of the most popular gift hammocks and it is a fantastic hammock for the price.

N 5
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