The Mexican hammock has an extraordinary history.

They have been made in centuries, by descendants of the Maya-Indians, using the same weaving/braiding technique. The only improvement is the material used. Today we primarily use cotton and nylon, as oppose to seaweed or sisal. 

The materials are bought in Mexico by Hængekøje Marked Tropical and they are delivered to the weavers by local teams driving through the small villages. The weavers can make money weaving for medicine, concrete, schooling etc. 

When a weaver is done they get paid and at the same time they receive new material for new hammocks. This way they can make their own work-schedule. 

Making a hammock is time-consuming due to the weaving/braiding technique, which makes them so flexible and comfortable. The hammock adjusts to its user’s size and build. You can lie cross wards on the biggest hammocks.

When you close your eyes you will soon feel the wellbeing of truly relaxing. This is why these hammocks are popular all over the world and are known as the best hammocks in the world. 
Kaj Ellegaard can be contacted if you wish to know more about the hammock's story and what effect the export have had in the local communities. He can be reached at this phone number: 0045-33312927.

The hammocks we sell are all hand-woven by the Mayan-people on Yucatan in Mexico. Men and women work on the hammocks to supplement their family incomes. If they need a day off, they can do it - no questions asked. The work is done in the comfort of their own homes, making it possible for them to take care of their children. When they are done making the hammock, they hand it over to one of representatives who drive around the different villages collecting and paying the salaries. Fair trade and ethical values are important for us! 

We currently employ more than 200 families living in small villages in the Yucatan in Mexico. The wages they make from weaving hammock are existential for the survival of these families. Fair Trade hammocks is a win-win situation for the makers as well as the consumers, who end up with a great product for relaxing or playing.