Mercerized cotton-net Mexican hammocks for outdoor use

Hammock for outdoors - weather resistant and remains flexible network

Coated cotton net outdoor hammocks from Mexico The coated Mexican hammocks are made using the same unique weaving/branding technique Sprang as the regular Mexican hammocks in cotton net. The difference is the special material used. Coated cotton is extra durable, and can withstand the sun and the rain for years without its colors fading. It is the ultimate hammock in terms of durability. The coated net-hammock is a perfect choice if it is to be used for playing and tumbleling around, as a large and strong hammock is almost impossible to break. Children often need more space in a hammock as they crawl around all the time exploring the hammock in imaginative games. One moment the hammock is an imaginary pirate ship, where battles are fought and it is imperative not to fall into the water. The next moment the hammock is a wonderful swing. The hammock could easily become the preferred place for your daughter and her friends to hang out and socialize. That is why is good to have a hammock able to withstand a bit of everything. It is important with plenty of space in a hammock - the large hammocks are preferable, as a family hammock is used for much more than just adult relaxing in it. If you focus is play, buy a large and wide hammock. If your focus is an exclusive, good, and strong hammock choose one of our coated Mexican cotton net hammocks.

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