The original hammocks from Mexico

Mayan Hammock

The original hammocks from Mexico are handcrafted using cotton thread in a special weaving/braiding technique called Sprang. This technique makes the hammocks very flexible in width and it makes for the absolutely most flexible and comfortable hammocks. The Mexican hammocks are so special that you can even lie in them across and diagonally. Most people prefer to lie diagonally in net hammocks. Life is full of pleasures when you find the prefect way for you to enjoy your hammock. The bigger and wider the hammock, the more room, comfortability, and flexibility you get. The weaving/braiding technique has been the same through centuries, and if you visit a museum in Mexico you will see the same technique. The only difference to the modern hammocks is the materials used. Originally seaweed was used, but today cotton is the most common fabric. The hammocks we offer have always been perfect for the famous Mexican siesta. The best Mexican hammocks available here.

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