The absolute best Mexican hammocks you can get

By far the best Mexican you can find hammocks

The worlds most unique hammocks. Read more here. Quality with care without it being too expensive. A hammock is not only a hammock; each hammock is created for its own purpose. Coziness, fun, decorative, outdoor life and travel to name different ways to use the hammock. All hammocks are well thought out in every detail. The quality is apparent from the material used to weave the hammock and the weaver who is used to just to weave this type of hammock. A very large experience base has been established between Mayan weavers in Mexico and Hammock Specialist Kaj Ellegaard from Denmark. The hammocks that come through Tropical Hammocks have a pioneering quality which sets new standards in the hammock industry. Hammocks are made by skilled craftsmen who weave in Mexico. All Hammock Market Tropical hammocks are 100% handmade by indigenous Mayan Indians in Mexico, who have woven hammocks for generations for many centuries. They know how a hammock should be woven. Hammocks are unique handicrafts Each hammock is individually handcrafted by a weaver in Mexico. It is an art to weave a Mayan hammock, and there is an artist behind each hammock. When you have the Mexican hammock in your hand, you stand with a unique piece of craftwork. The weavers can freely choose their own patterns and colors, it means you get a unique product made with the most experience by a weaver with a knack for creating hammocks. Mexican hammock specialist Kaj Ellegaard ensures that the weavers have the correct material to weave hammocks. Beautiful delicate strings in Mexican hammocks. Woven with thousands of feet of fine soft cotton or nylon, which in a special way molds itself around your body so you almost float freely in the air. It feels natural to lie diagonally in the hammock. Each hammock offers a perfect blend of comfort, beauty and strength. Quality hammocks - weaving technique & comfort of the hammock All our hammocks are of the highest quality and will last for many years with the proper treatment. Each hammock is quality checked several times, and we guarantee that you get the best of the best hammocks. Comfort Hammocks All hammocks are manufactured using a special weave/braiding technique that appears in a diamond weave pattern without nodules. It provides a superior comfort and support as soon as you put yourself in a hammock. The weaving/braiding technique distributes the weight over the entire hammock, which makes the hammock even stronger while comfortness is achieved. The pattern is a beauty in itself and the airy grid provides the perfect fresh air circulation on a hot summer day. Super versatile hammocks Hammocks can be used almost everywhere, gardens, terraces, camping trips, boats and it is a very creative toy for kids. They can for instance use the hammock as swing. Use a hammock for sleeping, resting, reading a book, or cradle the baby to sleep. Use your hammock outside and inside. Measurements in a typical Mexican hammock The width is flexible and elastic in the Mexican hammock and can not be given a fixed measurement. The length is however usually between 2.1 and 4 meters. The carrying capacity is at least 300 kg and the hammocks weigh from 1 pound to 3 pounds. Light Hammocks Our hammocks are strong and lightweight. Easy to store compact, easy to travel with, and easy to set up. So always bring 2 x 3 meters of rope with you when you bring a hammock with you on trips. Large hammocks are preferable due to elastic width. King Size Deluxe Hammock is the ultimate luxury hammock. Fantastically pleasant for one, two or more persons. It is large enough for the whole family.

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